Political Campaigns – Battle of Opinion on Social Media

Political Campaigns – Battle of Opinion on Social Media
Marc Lee

Interactive net-based TV show

In recent months in Political Campaigns all over the world, the supporters of opposing parties have engaged in fiercely waged wars of images on social media. Elections have also long since ceased to be won on the street or in the traditional media— social networks have become the digital market place for political disputation.
A new version of Marc Lee’s TV-Bot (2004), filters the latest Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube posts according to the leading candidates of the parties in political campaigns. The bot weaves the posts into a wild TV show (24/7) in which images, tweets, and videos flicker across the screen in real time. What counts today are the ‘Likes’ and ‘Retweets’ that migrate across the screen as icons in the colours of the combatants indicate their current online market value. While, as users of social networks, we only ever see variants of our own opinions mirrored back to us, Political Campaigns confronts us with a view beyond the bounds of these echo chambers.
If the preconfigured top candidates or parties does not fit, you can replace them as you like. Create your own TV show according to your own preferences and share it with others.