Antonio Della Marina

«What a beautiful project. A simple but lovely idea indeed.
It works because it’s so simple and immediate. That’s what I really like
about it!!»
– Robin Rimbaud aka Scanner

fades.net is a sound art piece for unlimited number of speakers and open participation. Audience is invited to join the performance with laptops/smartphones/tablets.
Like a Inverse Fourier Transform, fades.net aims to rebuild a complex harmonic sound through the massive use of single sine-wave players.
Sounds are designed by the author and are customized for every event depending on the location and the theme of the exhibition. For Piksel and in tribute to the city of Bergen, fades.net will be tuned to rebuild the sound spectrum of the main bell of the Bergen domkirke.

How it works
Connect all available internet devices to fades.net and press start.
Reverberated spaces are the most effective locations (halls, empty buildings, museums).
Not suitable for outdoors.